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Writer's Journal #11 / Time And Media

Time is considered as one of the approaches to contexts. There are 2 different terminologies under time as contexts which are known as Chronos and Kairos.
The difference between Chronos and Kairos is that Chronos is the time on the clock and Kairos is the right or the opportune time. Chronos is measurable, however Kairos is not.
Media as context: media is known as the newspapers, magazines and so many other elements to spread information.
There is a difference between media and medium, which is medium is the material used by the writer, composer and artist, while media is the plural of medium.
Interface is where two elements, are organizations meet or interfere. As mentioned earlier, newspapers and magazines are example of mass media. To go deeper, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is considered as examples of social media. One last thing is to mention is the word processor. The most example of word processors is Microsoft word.

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