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Writer's Journal #15 / Audience VS Stakeholders

As mentioned earlier, the audience is known as a group of people to whom a massage can be transmitted. In addition to that, the audience was divided into two main types, known as audience addressed and invoked.

In today's lecture, I learned about the myth of a global audience and the difference between an audience and stakeholders. The clear definition of stakeholders is that they are those individuals or groups who are affected.
They can be affected by policies, procedures, and decisions.
Listing stakeholders might be divided into three steps:
Step #1: List everyone who might be affected by the decision, message, etc.
Step #2: Split a group into two lists: immediately affected and not-immediately affected.
Step #3: Split the immediately affected group into least affected and most affected.
Coming back to the difference between an audience and stakeholders, an audience is a group that can act based on being addressed, while the stakeholders are a group that is affected by the action of the audience.

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