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Writing As Process / Writer's Journal (5)

The writing process includes five main steps, which are invention, planning, drafting, revising and editing.
In the invention step, we try to come up with new ideas. That is why some people consider invention as brainstorming.
The second step is planning, which we try to organize our ideas.
The third step is drafting, where we try to come up with a final draft but we keep changing it before confirming that it is the final draft
The fourth step is revision, where we try to revise whatever we wrote so far.
The final step is editing, where we keep changing to achieve the perfect writing. This step is a bit similar to drafting but the difference is that editing is the action of changing.
Every writer should have more than one draft to achieve the perfect writing. And also, every writer should go through these five steps in order to achieve the writing process.

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